Here's our story

Win-pak specializes in high quality self adhesive labels and many different packaging needs for your business and products. 

Win-pak has been around for over three decades and we’re focused on the Western Cape market in Southern Africa. 

Our labels can be printed on a wide variety of materials with variable images and designs. Our finishing capabilities include laminating, varnishing, metallic foiling and embossing.

We can offer you a wide range of packaging for your products and your business. Head over to our packaging page for more details.

our expertise explained

lead times

We're focused on giving our customers some of the best lead times the industry has to offer.

quality control

Whether it's labels or packaging we make sure our quality control processes always run somoothly in order for you to get the perfect products.

customer service

We take care of all our customers and always make sure we can deliver on the promises we give them.